Grape varieties: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and a small percentage of other ancient grape varieties.

Organoleptic description: The most amazing characteristic noticed when tasting Beso is its smoothness. Indeed, despite its alcohol content of 16.5 degrees and its well-structured body, it is pleasant to drink. A long period of aging in the bottle gives it this characteristic and elegance that set it apart.
The complex bouquet of Beso is not only dominated by the typical aromas of wood but also by ripe red fruit and jam, especially cherry, black cherry and plum, as well as ethereal and spicy notes, with a pleasant hint of bitter almond. Lastly, on the palate, it is mellow, without sharpness, and persistent. Its sweet, natural tannins perfectly offset its body, making it harmonious, elegant and enveloping.

Vinification: After being picked by hand, carefully selecting the best bunches, the grapes are gently placed in wooden boxes (plateaux), where they will remain for more than 60 days. Here, they lose up to 40% of their initial weight.
Once the grapes have been crushed and destemmed, fermentation takes place in small steel tanks, where the must is processed for about 30 days by pumping over, délestage and a long period of maceration with the cap submerged. This minimises the risk of bacterial contamination and allows optimum extraction of polyphenolic substances and tannins that are pleasant on the palate.
The wine then remains in cement tanks for 1 year. Then it is transferred to large casks for about another year. This is followed by a long period of aging in the bottle of at least 2 years.

Alcohol/Vol.: 16.5%

Longevity: From 10 to 20 years.


Hearty roast dishes, meat and game (all kinds of birds and animals), ideal for very mature cheeses or sipped in company or for meditation between meals. It is enhanced in large crystal wine glasses.


17 - 18°C.