Amarone classico


Grape varieties: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and a small percentage of other ancient grape varieties.

Organoleptic description: Deep ruby red in colour with bright garnet red reflections. Intense, warm and ethereal aroma. Distinct notes of cherries in grappa, and dried plums mingling well with hints of cocoa, carob, almond and oak wood. Dry yet smooth on the palate, with moderate acidity and pleasant tannic undertones. Austere and full-bodied, it features great elegance and persistence.

Vinification: After being picked by hand, carefully selecting the best bunches, the grapes are gently placed in wooden boxes (plateaux), where they will remain for about three months. Here, they lose up to 40% of their initial weight. Corvina grapes, in particular, undergo a natural process of aromatic transformation by means of cellular respiration, which makes this wine unique in the world.
The grapes are fermented in small steel tanks, in which pumping over, délestage and long submerged cap maceration are carried out for about 30 days. This minimises the risk of bacterial contamination and allows optimal extraction of polyphenolic substances without extracting lees and tannins that are aggressive on the palate.
The wine then remains in cement tanks for 1 year, then two thirds are transferred to large casks and one third to small casks for about 3 years. This is followed by a long period of aging in the bottle of at least 1 year.

Alcohol/Vol.: 16.5% vol.

Longevity: From 7 to 20 years.


Roasts, grilled meat, game, tangy and mature cheeses.
An excellent meditation wine.


17° - 18° C.